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Fees Terms & Conditions

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 term fees are as follows. (Fees do not include GST.)

Registration $25
1st Class $45
Each additional class $38
Costume fee/per class $35
Festival Costume fee/per class $55
Festival Program - Admin $50
Recital Finale Dance wear $ 25
Late Registration Fee - 5% after Sept 10th 2018

Payment Options

  1. Payment option one: Pay in full

  2. Payment option two: Pay with 4 cheques

  3. Payment option three: Monthly Cheque option

Terms and Conditions

Please note that the following terms and conditions apply. One month notice must be given in case of with drawl before any refund will be issued Registration fees, administration fees, costume fees, September and May fees are all non refundable at any time or for any reason. NSF charge of $50 applies

Registration Policies

The set registration policies, as follows:Classes are filled as registrations arrive. Class sizes are limited. We understand that parents want the best instruction for their child and also want to see progress in their child. Proper level placement will avoid discouragement and disappointment in a student, and allows the dancer to perform with others of similar skills and abilities.Such placement is the basis for forming classes of various levels, and allows specific instruction in predetermined technique and form for each class. Advancement through dance levels at an accelerated and unwarranted pace will only serve to lessen the overall beauty and expression of the students dance experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 403.345.2282  or fill out the Contact Us page.