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RAD Ballet

Classes range from beginner to advanced levels in ballet. We teach from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) curriculum, which includes barre work, center work, turns, jumps, and choreography. The academy considers professional training of young children in classical ballet to be vitally important. The Academy’s syllabi have been devised with great care to enable a child to progress through their dance training in planned stages, demanding no more of a young body than it can cope with. Every year, over 250,000 students around the world are taught the Academy’s classical ballet syllabi by Academy-trained teachers.RAD exams offer young dancers the opportunity to gain recognized qualifications that will serve them in a career in dance as well as being of value later in life when considering further career development. Level determined by teacher


An upbeat, high energy and sassy style. Using its foundations of ballet to create shapes through dance. Isolation's of the chest, hips, arms and flexibility are used to cultivate this unique and fun style.


Tap is all about your feet. This class is designated to help with coordination, rhythm and timing. Focusing on intricate footwork and syncopation, this class will incorporate technique, progression and combinations. Speed and rhythms increase as levels advance.  Levels determined by teacher.

Lyrical/ Contemporary

An extension of ballet that expresses and showcases emotion, while using its creative patterns and timing to stimulate and challenge the dancers. This style is shown through long extending beautiful movements and flexibility. Taking a ballet class appropriate to level is mandatory for this style.

Hip Hop

A style generated from urban/street dance. High energy, hard hitting and tons of personality are the characteristics this style includes. Dancers will learn a fusion of social dances, popping and locking,break dance and commercial hip hop as seen in music videos, and TV shows.


Students will be instructed appropriate to their skill level ranging from the very beginner (handstand, rolls, cartwheels etc.) to the more advanced level (walk-overs, handsprings, flips, etc.)  Classes employ a wide variety of training practices to give the learner strength, flexibility, and agility that will help them achieve a better bodily awareness to maximize their dance and performance potential.